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Positive Pilates has been providing professional mobile Pilates classes in Tewkesbury, Bredon, Bushley, Churchdown, and Apperley for over 15 years. Participants get to benefit from an instructor with over two decades of experience, who is passionate and committed to improving the physical and mental wellness of all members. As a result, they can expect a varied and comprehensive program that can be adapted and adjusted to suit all abilities and fitness levels. Get in touch for more information or to sign up for our next course.

“The best project you’ll ever work on is you!”

Benefits of Practicing Pilates

Pilates has become popular with elite level athletes, celebrities, models, people who take part in sport, mothers looking to regain their pre-baby state and the senior generation, to facilitate the ability to carry out daily tasks more easily. Pilates appeals to all, due to the fact that the workout aids in flexibility without causing muscles to bulk. In addition to increased flexibility, it’s also said to prevent injury and improve posture, as well as strengthening and shaping the body from the inside out. To those who practice Pilates, the body isn’t the only area benefiting. It can also aid in balancing the mind and body, reducing stress levels and alleviating symptoms of anxiety.

Shelley Wilkinson - Qualified Mobile Pilates Instructor

I am passionate about teaching clients to move well, I teach only Pilates and have personally practised the Pure Pilates method for over 20 years, more importantly, I am now witnessing the benefits it brings to my clients.

I teach to small groups so that everyone gets some individual attention when needed, whether that is to modify an exercise or to add progression. Not all exercises suit everyone and in my classes, you are treated as an individual.

My focus is on the quality of movement, in order to rebalance and restore functional core strength and stability. Through mindful movement, you can help to relieve your aches and pains, improve your form within your chosen sport or hobby and reduce your risk of injury.

I truly believe that everyone would benefit from some Pilates in their life to invest in your body for the future. The best project you’ll ever work on is you!


“I am now in my second term, and I can honestly say that Pilates has not only helped my riding, but has made me feel much more positive about myself, and has even elicited comments of how well I look from other people! Now I understand why Shelley calls it “Positive Pilates”! I have only two regrets – firstly that Shelley does not continue classes through the school holidays (it’s going to seem a long summer), and secondly, that I didn’t discover Shelley’s classes years ago!”

Chris Day

“I started attending Shelley’s Pilates classes when recovering from a slipped disc 4 years ago and continued because, along with practically ridding me of lower back pain, Pilates has strengthened my whole body, keeps my stomach flat and calms my mind and help me focus. All this for relatively little time, effort and cost outlay. The fact that so many women have been attending Shelley’s Apperley class is testimony to her friendly, professional approach to teaching Pilates. Thanks Shelley, we have all benefitted”.


“I’ve been going to Shelley’s Pilates classes since she started them at Apperley and I’ve certainly noticed a difference when I am unable to attend. What I like most about these to any other classes I’ve attended, is the friendly atmosphere and the non-critical approach. I most definitely recommend it to anyone”.

Deb Coleman
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