Beginners Pilates

If you are new to the practice, you can start with beginners Pilates and master the fundamentals. The beginner courses focus on the initial application of basic Pilates techniques, learning progressively. These skills will let you develop your overall strength, with a focus on core stability, posture, and forming mind-muscle connections. Once you have got to grips with these primary techniques you will then be offered the opportunity to take on the NEXT STEP course. This will allow you to progress your practice safely. Our Pilates community is made up of individuals of all ages and abilities, and we welcome everyone, no matter their fitness level. These classes are suitable for anyone who has never experienced the powers of pure Pilates. The movements are designed to focus on the body for mobility, strength and lengthening.

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“Concentrate on movement quality and body awareness.”

8-Week Beginners Pilates Courses

In the 8-week course, you will learn 6 core movements that will help progressively strengthen, lengthen and balance the body. You will also receive guidance so that you can continue this work in your own time, as it has been recognised that practising at least 2 times per week on the correct fundamentals will decrease your rehabilitation, and increase your strength rapidly, as opposed to not practising at all.

Within this 8-week time frame, you will:

What You Will Gain

Pilates can benefit anyone and everyone, and our courses set you on the path to a more efficient practice. Breathwork in combination with Pilate practice can reset both the body and mind, offering release both physically and mentally. As a result, Pilates is also very good for people with bad circulation, asthma, and stress-related issues.

After the initial 8 weeks, you will feel:

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