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Once you have mastered the basics and built up your bodies core foundations, you are ready to take the next step. Our ‘Next Step’ Pilates classes build upon the skills and techniques learnt during the beginners’ program. This allowing you to progress your practise safely and confidently. Our programs are hosted at a variety of locations across Tewkesbury, Churchdown, and the local area. So, contact us today to secure your slot on our next 12-week Pilates program.

The 12 Week Pilates Programs

Pilates courses comprise of 12 weeks of progressive movements that develop your skills further. In these 12 weeks, we will work from the original 6 core movements to the 36 essential movements as prescribed within the teaching of Joseph Pilates. These classes are suitable for all individuals who have tried Pilates before and have mastered the fundamentals.

Safe Progression and Personal Development

We offer a completely unique experience within this time, only progressing through to the advanced movements once the essential strength has been established. Therefore, you can be confident that you will stay safely within your capabilities and develop effectively, with no risk of pain or discomfort.

Next Step Pilates Skills

If the core area of the body is not strong enough to maintain correct posture whilst carrying out even simple daily tasks, then one wrong move could cause irreversible damage. Particularly activities that require any lifting or twisting movement. Therefore, our courses have been designed to help you achieve more strength, flexibility, and mobility using bodyweight, as well as small hand weights, resistance bands, and tubing. As a result, your upper body will begin to more noticeably feel the effects of Pilates, which in turn will support you in your day-to-day life. So, join our Pilates community on the mat, and get ready to benefit from the power of pure Pilates.

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